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My name is Juliana and the one you see next to me is my furry daughter BERTA, who inspired and motivated me to create BERT. I am an economist by profession and an entrepreneur at heart. Since I was little I have been an animal lover, and all my life I´ve been lucky to have dogs at home. My family taught me to respect and love pets, and they always were considered important members of the family. I was not fortunate enough to have siblings but I was fortunate enough to always have the most faithful company of all: a dog.

Three years ago, I adopted BERTA. At that time she was 7 years old, weighed one kilogram and had no teeth as a result of many years of abuse and suffering. The moment I laid eyes on her, it was truly love at first sight. Her story and the reality of her many years of struggles ignited my commitment to protect and improve the quality of life of stray dogs; soon I realized controlling their reproduction was a fundamental tool to reach this goal. And so, that’s when this wonderful story and brand called

BERT began. In February 2020, before we could even imagine a worldwide pandemic, we began with our BERT AID missions to sterilize homeless animals. At BERT we firmly believe that:

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way they treat their animals” Mahatma Gandhi


Like any business, Bert was born from the need to solve an everyday problem and improve the quality of life of the people we knew. The following scenario might seem familiar to some: You get home after a long day at work. You put on your pajamas and slippers, and are ready to be done for the day and rest. The moment you slide into bed you remember……. you still have to take your dog out for a walk! . Wearing your slippers isn’t an option (because regular slippers can´t handle outside walks)…. Maybe you can wear flip flops, but it can be cold and not as glamorous….ultimately, the only solution turns out to be putting on some sneakers before heading out. But…… wouldn’t it be awesome to skip the whole dilemma and just get back on your very comfy slippers and go on your walk?

At BERT we are offering our customers, animals lovers and eco-responsible, the option of wearing comfy that, simultaneously, are perfect to wear at home and perfect to walk your dog. They are shoes as comfortable as slippers and as versatile as sneakers.


Our BERTs are made from scraps from other industries. We are committed to the planet and we want to show the world that it is possible to make a new product from materials that would be, otherwise, considered “garbage”. We use four materials for manufacturing: The upper is obtained from scraps of furniture or clothing, the neoprene, which is a highly polluting material, is obtained from remnants of phytotherapeutic products such as girdles, elbow pads, knee pads, etc. This material allows the foot to breathe and it is extremely comfortable because it adapts to the shape of the foot. We make the sole with pieces of recycled tires. And the inside is obtained from Flees’ scrap (the material from our blankets). The only thing that is not recycled are the insoles that are made with memory foam which gives ergonomics and comfort to the body

In addition, when you buy BERT you are improving the quality of life of millions of stray dogs, since 20% of our profits are destined to our BERT AID mission.