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January 18, 2021

T-shirts make in Recycled Pet

As we have seen how our pollution has negatively affected the planet, we have looked for more effective ways to recycle our waste and this initiative has even led highly polluting industries such as Fashion to recycle.

¿ Have you ever wondered how many garments are made of polyester and how much can it pollute?

Polyester is a heavily processed plastic resin and is a petroleum by-product. The best known variant is the thermoplastic called PET, as a result of its polymerization fibers are obtained to create many of the fabrics that are known today in the textile industry.


It is a fiber made from recycled plastic bottles, its production uses far fewer resources than other fibers, consumes less energy, uses 75% less oil and emits less CO2. In addition to this, it helps to minimize waste from plastic containers that go to the ocean.

Among its textile properties are quick and wrinkle-free drying, elasticity and lightness.



At Bert we use for our Recycled Pet T-shirts approximately 4 plastic bottles that are transformed into rPET textiles to make.


LOVE: for lovers of animals and pink.
CAT: for those who love their cats.
BEST FRIENDS: for the Doggy Lovers.
RECYCLE: for environmentalist.

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