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February 19, 2021


We want to tell you about the immense happiness that filled our hearts knowing that thanks to the people who bought Bert Shoes in 2020 we were going to be able to sterilize many animals. Despite the fact that last year was full of so many adversities, it was a very good first year for us, we managed to sell 260 pairs of BERT. Thanks to this we carried out our first mission in August and we were able to start planning the second Bert mission that would be carried out in January 2021.

We decided to carry out this mission in the Zabaleta Indigenous community in Carmen de Atrato-Choco. With the help of @manejohumanitario We found Sandra, who lives there and is one of the many allies located in different areas of the country with many needs, with a great deal of ignorance about animal care and where normally no help from the state arrives.
Sandra se He was in charge of organizing and previously registering our furry friends in a special format with a capacity of 52 sterilizations.

We traveled on Friday, January 29 at night from the city of Medellín in the Humanitarian Handling truck. We were in total 6 people: Juan, Leidy, two auxiliary veterinarians, Tati and Juan from @lagaleriavisual and of course @huellabert. After five hours of travel we managed to reach the community where we slept in one of the houses in the area that they kindly lent us. On Saturday 30 we got up early to greet people and introduce ourselves, this was essential since we had to convey confidence to them so that they were calm during the surgeries of their pets. Each surgery lasted between 10 to 15 minutes, once they finished we took the animals to recovery where we put serum and healing antibiotics.

While the Veterinarians worked, we had the opportunity to talk with the families about the responsible ownership of their pets and why it was essential to sterilize them. We were very happy to see the love children have for their pets and even the homeless. They really consider them part of their family.

Whenever we do our BERT missions, we take care of spreading the message of responsible ownership and how to treat an animal, whether it is yours or not. This is very important, to raise awareness in children so that they grow up and treat animals in a good way and instill that in future generations.

Among the surgeries performed there were 5 pregnant hairy women, fortunately we arrived on time and were able to stop their pregnancy by removing the uterus. Can you imagine if we had not arrived? 20 more cubs would have been born a little, taking into account that female dogs give birth between 6 to 7 cubs. These little dogs would have had little chance of survival due to the living conditions that exist there.

Returning to Medellín, we found on the road a sack with 5 puppies completely malnourished and full of parasites (something very common on the roads of Colombia). Obviously without thinking we put them on the truck and took them to Medellín where they are recovering in @clinicaveterinariasafari, in case you want to visit them ?

We especially want to thank, thank you very much to all the people who bought Bert and made this Day possible because without you this dream would not be possible. We want many more people to join the trend to walk lightly, help the planet and help improve the quality of life of animals in vulnerable situations.

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