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October 29, 2020

Save the planet is in fashion

At Bert in addition to loving animals we also like fashion , but comfortable and above all that which takes care of the planet.

One day we realized that the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world and that same day we got down to work.

So we take textile scraps , neoprene scraps and even worn tires to shape our Bert slippers and in this way we join the great movement of circular fashion.

This is an initiative that seeks to reduce the environmental impact generated by fashion production and that also teaches consumers the importance of use, care and sense they should be given to the garments.

That is why today we want to leave you 5 simple actions that you can put into practice so that in this way you contribute to a more circular, more sustainable fashion.

  1. Repair and patch
  2. Wear second-hand clothes
  3. customize your clothes to give them a new look
  4. Invest in sustainable clothing that uses reused fibers

If you need comfortable slippers or sneakers for the day, buy yourself some Bert , you will fulfill the planet.

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