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June 16, 2020

A sustainable slippers brand

The first brand of slippers that cares for animals and the planet arrives in Colombia

  • Bert is the new brand of slippers that cares about the environment and the well-being of stray dogs.
  • They are made with recycled materials and by purchasing four pairs of BERT they will be donating a sterilization to a stray dog in their BERT missions.

Bogotá, January 10, 2020. Next Thursday, January 16, it will be launched on the market: BERT, light footprints. A 100% Colombian venture passionate about animals, the sustainable and collaborative economy, and fashion.

Bert hits the market with a new fashion proposal for footwear. A shoe designed in order to offer the comfort of a slipper and designs that can be used on a day-to-day basis. However, Bert’s proposal goes beyond fashion and comfort. This brand, led by the Colombian Juliana Roa Mantilla, is based on a sustainable, collaborative
and solidarity economy.

All the materials used for the design and manufacture of footwear are reused from other brands that cannot dispose of them due to environmental policies, which promotes the pillars of the circular economy: reduce, recycle and reuse.

The buttress of the shoe, where the heel is located, is made of neoprene, a highly polluting material used to make sports girdles. The front part, designed with scraps of fabric left over from large clothing productions, offers versatility to the product as they are limited and unrepeatable editions. Finally, the sole is made of rim rubber that has reached its useful life.

Bert’s bet, in addition to encouraging conscious shopping for the environment, is also supportive, since for every four pairs of shoes purchased, a sterilization will be donated to stray dogs in the most vulnerable areas of the country.

Starting in 2020 and throughout the year there will be three sterilization days sponsored by Bert and his clients, who, committed to the environment and animal care, have chosen to support the brand through this noble cause.